Men, Microscopes, and Living Things is Now Available

I am delighted to announce that Living Books Library has republished my favorite living science book: Men, Microscopes, and Living Things by Katherine Shippen. As you probably know, these ladies are my co-hosts on A Delectable Education, but they also run a private lending library with over 17,000 living books, most of which were published before 1970. It has been a long time dream for them to republish some of their favorite old living books so more families can enjoy them, and I am elated that the first book republished through this new venture, Living Library Press, is a LIVING SCIENCE BOOK!

Men, Microscopes, and Living Things

Get your copy of Men, Microscopes, and Living Things now at Living Books Press for $13.95 (plus $3.50 shipping,) and then come back and get a copy of the study guide I designed to introduce middle school and early high school students to biology through the pages of this lovely book.


7 thoughts on “Men, Microscopes, and Living Things is Now Available

  1. parke

    So excited Nicole! I already have a copy but one of my friends should be ordering a copy soon. We are looking forward to starting both middle school study guides in a short 2 weeks. I will keep youupdated about how it goes.

  2. Amber

    This is excellent news! I am thrilled that you are doing these study guides, I think they are an excellent contribution to the CM community. I am holding off on buying any though until after I attend your immersion at CMI. ?

    Btw, you might want to update your study guide page to link to the new book.

  3. Tracy Peevy

    Nicole, if I purchase this option:

    Digital Download and Mailed Print Copy and the text Men, Microscopes, and Living Things – $30.00

    Is the copy of the text, the actual printed book?


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