Scheduling Cards

**We have moved the schedule cards to our newly rebuilt mutual site If you would like to purchase them, please follow the link there.**

The three of us at A Delectable Education have developed a brand new tool to help you figure out how many lessons your children need at each level (form) and how to coordinate those with your time and their brain activity! We are delighted to offer these and hope they will help your family develop a schedule that works with your unique circumstances.

↑ After clicking “Start Prezi” please click the arrow in the bottom left corner to play the video, or click the arrows in the middle to scroll through at your own pace.

After downloading these files, print the separate forms (if applicable) on different colors of card stock (we used green for Form I, blue for Form II, yellow for Form III, pink for Form IV, and orange for Forms V/VI, for example) and cut them out on all the printed lines. These cards are scaled to reflect the length of lessons, so when lined up one above the other, you will see the cumulative total of time for those lessons for that day. (Monday would be a vertical column on the left, Tuesday another vertical column to the right, Wednesday, another column to the right of Tuesday, etc.) Included with each set is a “time line” to indicate the total number of hours that shouldn’t be surpassed for morning lessons in that particular form. The Info Sheet included should answer any more of your questions, but if you have others, please let us know.