Preparing a CM Schedule

When I began following a Charlotte Mason style of education, I used Ambleside Online pretty exclusively. I’m so grateful for the work of the AO contributors. It is an amazing wealth of resources that people all over the world use. It worked out great while I was only homeschooling my son, who seamlessly transitioned from a different program into level 3 when he was in the third grade. But with the addition of my siblings and niece, and then later my 2 little girls – the division of my labor became too much for me.

The kids might have had 4 hours of work in a day, but by the time I had spread myself across all of them, I had a much, much longer day. Also, the kids’ day did not have a Charlotte Mason feel to it. I was checking boxes and wiping my brow, leaning towards the finish line of every day. I did try utilizing the older kids to help with the younger ones, but what I really began to value were the subjects we could do all together.

I still use AO these days, but in a different capacity. Instead of starting with the books, I start with the schedule. My hope is that through this series you will find a way to make your school schedule work for you while maintaining the atmosphere Charlotte Mason advocated as the first of the instruments we have available to us.

Principle 5. Therefore, we are limited to three educational instruments–the atmosphere of environment, the discipline of habit, and the presentation of living ideas.

How Does Your School Day Get Off Track

The PNEU Schedule:
A Charlotte Mason Morning Schedule
A Charlotte Mason Afternoon Schedule
Is Following a CM Schedule Impossible?
A Schedule vs. Page Counts
How Does a Schedule Help?

Now that we know the importance of a schedule and the need for flexibility in making one of our own, let’s consider how we go about preparing one that works for our family.

**NEW** Scheduling Cards
Watch a video about how to use the new Schedule Cards created by the three of us at A Delectable Education Podcast. We have used the Matrix below to create a 5-day schedule, that can be manipulated by hand.

Creating Your Own Schedule:
My Matrix – What can you do together or at least at the same time?
Initial Questions and Considerations
Merging Forms to Create Your Own Schedule
Some Final Thoughts
Recalibrate Your Morning Routine
How I Organize My Weekly Schedule

Forms and Links:
Scheduling Workshop Resources

How Did it Go?
I’ve heard such wonderful feedback from people once they have used their customized schedule for a while, but maybe you aren’t quite there yet. This really was an awful lot to take in, and it might be that you could use a second set of eyes to look it over. If so, check out Liz, Emily, and my consulting services over at A Delectable Education.