Weather Study Guide: Form 3-4 (grades 7-9)

Sabbath Mood Homeschool Presents
Living Science Study Guides
A Charlotte Mason Resource for Exploring Science, a Vast and Joyous Realm


In this middle school study guide, students will learn about the atmosphere and how processes in the atmosphere determine the weather and climate. The following items are included:

  • Reading assignments
  • Activities based on the reading
  • Recommended supplemental books, videos, and articles
  • Notebooking prompts
  • Discussion prompts
  • Suggested biographies for a student who takes a particular interest in this topic
  • Links to current events
  • Supply list and printable resources
  • Exam questions

Spine Text:

This study guide accompanies the living book Look at the Sky and Tell the Weather by Eric Sloane (Dover, 2004).

This book is available on Amazon, but for more extensive used copy search, try

  • 89 pages, 14 chapters
  • Reading Level: 7 grade and up
  • Prerequisites: none


This study guide includes 33 lessons, each requiring approximately 30-40 minutes. You can either schedule it:

  • Three times a week for 11 weeks allowing for exams during the 12th week, or
  • Once a week for an entire year, allowing time for exams at the end of each term, and including other science subjects on the other days of the week.

Sample Lessons:

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