Botany Study Guide: Form 2 (grades 4-6)

Sabbath Mood Homeschool Presents
Living Science Study Guides
A Charlotte Mason Resource for Exploring Science, a Vast and Joyous Realm


In this elementary school study guide, students will be introduced to the study of botany. You will find the following items included:

  • Reading assignments
  • Activities based on the reading
  • Narration and discussion prompts
  • Object lesson and nature lore prompts
  • Suggested leisure reading options
  • Recommended supplemental books, videos, and articles
  • Exam questions

Spine Text:

This study guide accompanies the living book The First Book of Plants by Alice Dickinson. Buy a newly reprinted copy of this book from Living Library Press, or for an extensive used copy search, try I do not recommend the reprint by Forgotten Books, as the page numbers are different from the original text and do not coordinate with this study guide. 

  • 71 pages
  • Reading Level: 4-8 grade
  • Prerequisites: none

Important Supply Note:

Seed packets may be hard to find in the fall and winter, so be prepared by purchasing your seeds early.

Necessary Titles to Complement This Course


This study guide includes 33 morning lessons, three per week, each requiring 20-30 minutes. Each week will include the following science lessons:

  • Weekly Lesson 1: Nature Lore
  • Weekly Lesson 2: Natural History Science Reading and sometimes an activity
  • Weekly Lesson 3: Special Studies Reading or Natural History Activity

Other necessary science and nature study should be done during afternoons or evenings, and may include the following:

  • Daily work outside exploring and investigating, making notes or drawings of observations.
  • Additional reading on this science topic and nature topics according to individual desire and interest.

Sample Lessons: 

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