Living Science Hub

First, an explanation of the science related lingo in a Charlotte Mason curriculum.

A Charlotte Mason science curriculum is made up of three main parts

1. Nature Lore:
Naturalists’ books to open the student’s eyes and pique their interest regarding what may be seen outside. These are to be used during the morning school hours for children up to grade 8. It is presumed that an older child will want to continue reading nature lore in their free time, but if your child is new to a CM style of education you may want to schedule a small amount of it be read each week.

2. General Science (Natural History):
Students do not begin the formal study of science until form 2 (grade 4).

3. Nature Study:
An afternoon activity, including time for object lessons, daily study of the plant or animal or region on which you are making a special study, a weekly nature walk, nature journaling, and ample time to just enjoy the great outdoors.


Charlotte Mason assigned specific work based on form

Form 1 (grades 1-3)
Students read nature lore and make special studies. They do not delve into formal science yet.

Form 2 (grades 4-6)
Students begin formal science. Nature lore and special studies are continued.

Form 3-6 (grades 7-12)
Students continue formal science, adding more streams. Special studies are continued.