Physics-Magnets Study Guide: Form 2 (grades 4-6)

Sabbath Mood Homeschool Presents
Living Science Study Guides
A Charlotte Mason Resource for Exploring Science, a Vast and Joyous Realm


In this elementary school study guide, students will be introduced to the study of physics through magnets. You will find the following items included:

  • Reading assignments
  • Activities based on the reading
  • Narration and discussion prompts
  • Object lesson and nature lore prompts
  • Suggested leisure reading options
  • Recommended supplemental books, videos, and articles
  • Exam questions

Spine Text:

This study guide accompanies the living book Magnets by Rocco V. Feravolo. Buy a newly reprinted copy of this book from Living Library Press (Available soon!), or for a used copy search, try

  • 61 pages
  • Reading Level: 4-7 grade
  • Prerequisites: none

Necessary Titles to Complement This Course


This study guide includes 33 morning lessons, three per week, each requiring 20-30 minutes. Each week will include the following science lessons:

  • Weekly Lesson 1: Nature Lore
  • Weekly Lesson 2: Natural History Science Reading and sometimes an activity
  • Weekly Lesson 3: Special Studies Reading or Natural History Activity

Other necessary science and nature study should be done during afternoons or evenings, and may include the following:

  • Daily work outside exploring and investigating, making notes or drawings of observations.
  • Additional reading on this science topic and nature topics according to individual desire and interest.

Sample Lessons:

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