Geography Study Guide: Form 3-4 (grades 7-9)

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Living Science Study Guides
A Charlotte Mason Resource for Exploring Science, a Vast and Joyous Realm


In this Form 3-4 (grades 7-9) study guide, students will study earth’s materials and systems, including the composition, structure, physical properties, and history of the earth. The following items are included:

  • Reading assignments
  • Activities based on the readings
  • Recommended supplemental books, videos, and articles
  • Notebooking prompts
  • Discussion prompts
  • Suggested biographies for students who take a particular interest in this topic
  • Links to current events
  • Supply lists and printable resources
  • Exam questions

Spine Text:

This study guide accompanies the living book Rocks, Rivers and the Changing Earth: A First Book About Geology by Herman Schneider and Nina Schneider. (Dover Publications, 2014) It is available on Amazon, but for a more extensive used-copy search, try

  • 192 pages, 11 chapters
  • Reading Level: Grade 3-8
  • Prerequisites: none



This study guide includes 33 lessons, each requiring approximately 30-40 minutes. You can either schedule it:

  • Three times a week for 11 weeks allowing for exams during the 12th week, or
  • Once a week for an entire year, allowing time for exams at the end of each term, and including other science subjects on the other days of the week.

Sample Lessons: 


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