A Delectable Education Webinars

**Unfortunately, all of the available spots for our webinars are sold out. We do hope to record them and offer them for sale as downloads, but we cannot be certain whether that will go as planned. We will have to wait to be sure technology cooperates with us. For now, keep enjoying the podcast!

Emily, Liz, and Nicole of A Delectable Education Podcast will be hosting three, two-hour long Live Webinars in early 2017. Attendees at the live event will learn from a thorough presentation on the chosen topic complete with visual aids. In the second portion of the Live Webinar, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and the three of us at A Delectable Education will all share our thoughts and experience with you as we attempt to answer your queries.

Space for each Webinar is limited to 50 attendees. All those who register to attend the webinar will also have access to the recording of the webinar after the Live Event. Register for one, two, or all three webinars as you so desire!

Have you heard of the Book of Centuries but still feel intimidated to introduce the idea to your students? Are you uncertain about when to begin time-lines and also what they should look like and include? Have you ever wondered what the Century Charts Charlotte Mason's students kept were all about? This webinar will answer these questions and more as we walk through the various tools students can use to synthesize their history knowledge. Emily will walk you through the purpose of the various History Tools used in the PNEU, showing how they can be implemented in home and school classrooms today, when each tool should be introduced and what information it should contain, as well as how to make and use these yourself with your students.

It's one thing to choose the subjects and find the books, plan a schedule and gather the children, but then what is the teacher expected to do to bring out the most in the day to day lessons? Is reading and narration really all there is? What does scaffolding a lesson look like? There are practical principles and specific tips for getting through the lessons with delight and enthusiasm rather than with a haphazard or unprepared approach. This webinar will address the general guidelines as well as many specifics for facing your school day with intention rather than uncertainty, even when you haven't read every book yourself.

Charlotte Mason says that it is through nature study that children “lay up that store of 'common information' which...should precede science teaching.” (Mason, School Education, p. 237) But how do you know that your students are gathering the information they will need? In this webinar, we will show you how to enhance your nature walks with the direct study of nature. You will learn what special studies and object lesson are, and how to prepare for and implement them as part of your nature study time.