My First Elementary Study Guide!

EL Astronomy-400From the beginning of this venture I knew that I wanted to create study guides for all three levels of science, but I wasn’t sure how that would look for elementary science. There are several parts and pieces involved in a CM elementary science curriculum, that it doesn’t feel like a cohesive plan of study. Not to mention the terminology, which seems to change when you are not looking.

I’m happy to tell you that in the end, it all came together. The various parts and pieces have found their home in this guide: nature lore, science, activities/experiments, objects lessons, special studies, exams and some good old encouragement for the teacher as well. It’s all in here. When you have finished this term, you will have finished what Mason counted as a solid term of elementary science.

I hope you and your children enjoy it!

Astronomy: Elementary Living Science Study Guide

By-and-by he passes from acquaintance, the pleasant recognition of friendly faces, to knowledge, the sort of knowledge we call science. He begins to notice that there are resemblances between wild-rose and apple blossom, between buttercup and wood-anemone, between the large rhododendron blossom and the tiny heath floret. A suggestion will make him find out accurately what these resemblances are, and he gets the new and delightful idea of families of plants. His little bit of knowledge is real science, because he gets it at first-hand; in his small way he is another Linnæus.” (Mason, School Education, 1904, p. 77)

9 thoughts on “My First Elementary Study Guide!

  1. Heather

    Wow, this guide looks so wonderful, thank you Nicole! Too bad I already have science all planned out for this year lol! But we are planning to study astronomy the next school year (2017/18) and this guide will be just perfect!
    Am I understanding right that this astronomy guide would be all I would need for science for one term with my form 2 child?

    1. Nicole Post author

      Yes, Heather, that is correct. The elementary guides include everything you need to complete elementary science, including nature lore, special studies, object lessons and regular old science. Have a great year!

  2. Colleen L

    I was able to purchase the elementary study guide by hovering over Living Science at the top of the page then clicking on Form 2 Science Curriculum.
    Hope this is helpful.


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