Natural History: Implementing Special Studies

Last week I wrote a blog for Charlotte Mason Institute called Natural History: Implementing Special Studies.

My goal was to show how special studies can make your nature walks so much more fruitful, without the need to “teach” during them.

So, how do we balance these two ends of the spectrum? On one side we are advised to aim for a relaxed, child-led nature study time, but on the other end, we need to know that they actually are amassing a store of natural history knowledge. Thankfully, special studies bring the two into balance beautifully.

In the post I included guidelines for how to pick a special study, and then how to follow through with it. I hope you will take a few minutes to read it, and I hope you are encouraged.

To Use the Scientific Method is Natural
To Experiment is Natural
Anticipation of Nature
Out-Of-Door Life – An Outline (for your under 10 crowd)

2 thoughts on “Natural History: Implementing Special Studies

  1. Alyssa

    This was so helpful, Nicole! I've come back to it several times. Thank you so much—Betty (using my daughter's Google account).

  2. Mimi Rothschild

    100 % agree with that special studies can make my nature walks so much more fruitful and I hope most of the preschooler, homeschool get advantages from this blog. Thanks and hope will come again to know something new about nature.


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