Anticipation of Nature

Last week I wrote about our recent attempt at daily nature study. I mentioned that it would be easy to direct their study a bit.  My soon to be beautiful peony flowers were the first thing that came to mind.

I received the root of this peony plant from a friend a few years back and since then I have waited with anticipation each spring for it to bloom.  I check its progress every day as it grows out of the ground and then later begins to bud.  Even though the buds do not look like anything special, I know what will come of it. It will be spectacular!

Unfortunately, I noticed that the kids nature study narrations, when self directed, were always focused on what was currently flashy – the beautiful purple iris or the stately robin – but the nondescript bud of the peony was going unnoticed. So, I assigned a quick look at the peony bush each day.

That’s all it took! They are also in love with the peony now, and maybe they have learned something about the joy of anticipation.

“All is incidental, easy, and things are noticed as they occur.” Mason Vol. 3, page 237

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  1. Janet Pressley-Barr

    I have enjoyed reading your posts and seeing your pictures ! I wrote down your contact information at the conference in June because I wanted to speak to you about cottage schooling .. now my unorganized self cannot find your contact info. Could you send me an email so that we could chat about this some ? My friend Maura and I were at the fireside chat on co-ops and cottage schooling and I really wanted to speak with you about this. We are gearing up as I am sure you must be as well.
    Thanks so much,



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